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COBB Air Kitchen In A Box Combo (Charcoal)

COBB Air Kitchen In A Box Combo (Charcoal)

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The Ultimate Portable Charcoal BBQ Cooking Combo 

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This package includes the COBB Grill Air and a comprehensive range of COBB accessories including the Frying Pan, Griddle+, Roast Rack, WokAluminium Grid, Dome Extension & Carry Bag

The COBB Air allows you to control the airflow when cooking - increase air flow by turning the knob to reach higher temperatures whilst cooking. For longer cooks with less heat, keep the airflow valve closed. 

Be it at the beach, your favourite campsite, the boat, or the back of your UTE, this packages guarantees a gourmet cooking experience. Paired with top end COBB accessories, your cooking options on the go are endless. All accessories pack into the COBB Bag along with the COBB Air for ultimate portability. 

Cook using our trademark Cobblestone coals. Made from eco-friendly coconut husks, this fast igniting coal reaches full cooking temp in 5 mins and lasts for 2 hours (CobbleStones not included in package)

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