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COBBLESTONE™ Coal 6 pack

COBBLESTONE™ Coal 6 pack

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The CobbleStone™ is made from coconut husks. With rapid ignition technology applied to our CobbleStones, it takes seconds to light, without the aid of a firelighter. Once lit, it takes approx. 3 minutes to stop smoking and is ready for you to start cooking in 5 minutes. They can reach temperatures of up to 300c and can last for several hours. 

Each CobbleStone™ is wrapped individually to prevent dampness and ensure easy lighting. Clean up is also a breeze as CobbleStones remain in one piece after burning. No more having to contend with heaps of fire ash everywhere. As hot as COBB CobbleStones are, with the COBB’s unit cool-to-the-touch, non-slip base, it’s safe enough to move around while cooking. The most wonderful thing about the ingenious design of all COBB products is that they are created to complement each other. Everything works hand-in-hand making the outdoors a far friendlier place to be.


  • Safe and economical
  • Complete ignition of the CobbleStone™ in 2 minutes
  • Ready to cook in 5 minutes
  • Built-in firelighter
  • Made from coconut husks
  • One CobbleStone gives up to 2 hours cooking time if used in a COBB
  • Burns hotter and longer than conventional wood charcoal
  • After the ignition, it is virtually smoke-free


  • Carbon Monoxide hazard
  • Never ignite and use indoors
  • Store in a cool dry space away from other flammable products
  • Use at a safe distance from flammable products
  • After cooking remove the Dome Lid or any accessories to allow the CobbleStone to burn out away from children & animals
  • Be sure the ashes are completely burnt out before discarding in a refuse bin away from children & animals
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