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Exitrax Recovery Board 1110 Series

Exitrax Recovery Board 1110 Series

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These mid range all-rounders are suitable for most applications.

These guys are ultra-tough and amazingly flexible; the perfect solution for the weekend adventurer.


  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and and easy claims process.
  • Durable Polypropylene construction
  • Ultra-tough cleats for superior grip
  • Compatible with most recovery board holders and mount kits.
  • Ultra-low profile stack height for easy mounting.
  • Innovative design reduces the effort required for extraction and helps reduce wheel spin.
  • Strategically placed engagement nodules reduce wheel spin
  • Ground engagement teeth reduce board movement during recovery
  • Balanced handles for comfort while carrying
  • Designed in Australia under some of the world’s strictest quality control measures.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand using industry-leading equipment.
  • Smooth, rounded channels help distribute weight evenly.
  • Balanced handles for easy carrying.
  • Currently available in Black, Metallic Lime Green and Metallic Sunrise.


  1. Designed by a company that's BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 50 YEARS. So you know they know a thing or two about making great products to stay in business this long
  2. Made of Durable Polypropylene construction
  3. Comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  4. Strategically placed engagement nodules REDUCE WHEEL SPIN
  5. Ultra-low profile stacking for easy mounting
  6. Compatible with most recovery board mounting systems
  7. Innovative design reduces effort for extraction
  8. Ground engagement teeth reduce board movement during recovery
  9. Balanced handles for comfort while carrying
  10. Comes with a leash for EASY EXTRACTION FROM MUD AND SAND
  11. Sold as a Pair
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