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Xplora Aluminium Hard Shell Tent - Rear opening/Clam Shell

Xplora Aluminium Hard Shell Tent - Rear opening/Clam Shell

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Durable, Reliable and Easy! Three perfect words to describe the Xplora hard shell RTT (Roof Top Tent). Our Aluminium range is our most convenient yet.

The biggest advantage of a clam shell/rear opening tent is set up time. Setting up this tent is easily done in less than 30 seconds from start to finish. The tent design offers enough space to close the tent and get moving with your bedding left inside. E.g., bedsheet, 2 x small-medium-sized pillows and a duvet.

The seals on these tents are like nothing else! Designed in Australia to keep the bull dust out you can bet water and NZ's dusty roads won't be getting in.

Real canvas! This is a change on the roof top tent market with our thick 400g Polyester-Cotton used as the main frame of the tent. This fabric far exceeds what it needs to be to keep New Zealand's harsh weather out.

Access into the tent can be changed based on your rigs design. You can enter from the sides or the rear by simply moving the ladder brackets (4 bolts).

The tent comes with 2 accessory mounting channels to each side, making it easy to fix awnings and/ or other accessories, up to 25Kgs per side. Mounting hardware (M8) is supplied. Awning mounting brackets are available for purchase.

The mattress is a 40mm (high-density #35) sponge with a washable cotton cover. Although ample for most people a mattress topper will fit in with your bedding and still close if desired.

The tent base is a set of 8 heavy-duty aluminium slats, positioned north-south. Each slat offers a cutaway and channel through which mounting hardware can be slid the full length, making it easier to mount your tent regardless of your surface/roof rack configuration.

Across Xplora’s range, we pride ourselves on quality and performance. As weekend warriors ourselves, we love getting out there with our products. So feel free to contact us and ask us anything! We would love to help and put you in the setup that best suits your needs.


  • Mounting channels on the outer frame for accessories (awnings, lights, etc.)
  • Internal 12v plugs with USB and cigarette ports. Light included.
  • Sky Roof!!!
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight
  • Double-layered hard shell honeycomb panel (Insulated)
  • Space to install a solar panel
  • Fully insulated for sound-proofing
  • Condensation resistant
  • Superfine Insect Mesh on all windows and doorways
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Internal storage pockets
  • High-density mattress
  • Gas strut-assisted pop up design
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